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Links on this page do not imply an unqualified endorsement, in fact, some links are provided for the sake of comparing and contrasting different views.


Feathered Dinosaurs

One-Ton 'Feathered' Dinosaur? (ICR article) - We are hearing a lot about feathered dinosaurs, lately. Although it makes good press, could it be feathered dinosaurs are over-hyped? This article, and the referenced article in Nature, deserve attention.

The Bacterial Flagellum

The bacterial flagellum has been called the "poster child" of the ID movement, and perhaps rightly so. Are the arguments of ID critics against the challenge of the bacterial flagellum to evolution valid?

ARN's page on Michael Behe (arn.org) with links to his articles and rebuttals.


Ben Stein's movie, Expelled, has not surprisingly received a lot of criticism from ID critics. Before coating Ben with more tar and feathers, perhaps it would be only fair to consider both sides.

NCSE's criticism of Expelled, expelledexposed.com
A rebuttal of NCSE's criticism, ncseexposed.org
Expelled Resources, arn.org

Darwin on Trial

Phillip Johnson's response to S. J. Gould's attack on his book.

Antony Flew

Was former atheist, the late Antony Flew, misrepresented by his co-author in his book, There Is A God?
Flew Speaks Out: Professor Antony Flew Reviews The God Delusion (Above this review is a quote from Flew defending his own book).
A Change of Mind for Antony Flew (Background information about Flew's change of mind).

Bible Prophecy

Amazing Facts
It Is Written

The Bible Sabbath

Which day is the Lord's day - the Christian Sabbath? The answer may surprise you!

SabbathTruth.com is an excellent resource to begin your study.

This page looks into many historical references that are often used in the attempt to prove that the Sabbath has been replaced by Sunday, and shows weaknesses of each. Be prepared for some heavy reading.

Religious Liberty

Is the right to worship God, or not to worship, according to your conscientious convictions rather than according to the convictions of someone else important to you? Are you willing that those who differ from your convictions also have the same liberty?

The history of religious intolerance, largely swept under the opulent carpet of modern forgetfulness, is drenched in the blood of martyrs. Many Christians today have forgotten what their forebears knew that the state that relinquishes protection from the church will in turn become a medium of tyrannical control over the churches. In the United States, our civil liberties are under an all out attack from both sides of the political spectrum, and unwise moves on both sides are resulting in alarming counter moves by the other. Ironically, these moves are often made with the said intent of defending our civil liberties.

According to God's Word, events that will transpire in the last days will be of such a character that "if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect" (Matthew 24:24). For the Bible believing Christian, it should be clear, then, that safety can not be assumed to be found in the theology and exegesis of the masses. We can never expect to be fortified to face the future if our interpretations of the Bible including Biblical prophecy have simply been absorbed through superficial means. We must beware of following the crowd - any crowd! We must beware, too, of forming knee jerk opinions as a reaction to fear. We must beware of deceptive spirits, of whom the Bible warns us will seek our ruin.

No time of crisis will ever necessitate that the state enforce a religious creed except as the state is deceived by special interests. The only worship acceptable to God is the willful worship of love. Compulsory worship is no more acceptable to the Holy God than is the moral decadence that pervades the world culture today and will only serve to further grieve the Spirit of God from the land. The cause of our moral decadence is not to be attributed so much to problems in the government and educational system as it is to a turning away from the law of God in the home and in the church.

We must be informed, and think for ourselves - praying for insight and wisdom. We need to blow the dust off some old history books, earnestly study the Bible, and by all means, exercise eternal vigilance, unless, of course, the thought of perhaps someday assisting those who spill innocent blood is not one that would make us wince.

Perhaps this may sound a bit melodramatic. However, consider these famous, thought provoking words:

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana

I think those words still make good sense.

Below are some excellent links for further study pertaining to religious liberty:

Liberty Magazine

International Religious Liberty Association

The North American Religious Liberty Association

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